June 19, 2018

Be More Than The Expert

Good Day People want to do business with the expert or authority. You want to be that person! WHY? One reason is that once you are considered the authority by the customer, the price objection goes away. Another is that you can make good suggestions that they will listen to and might do. I know … [Read more...]

Your Prescription to Minimize L.C.S. (Lost Customer Syndrome)

Good Day I canceled a service a while back, and now I'm starting to get email from this company. Not the please-come-back type, but general information type emails. While I was using this company, I did not get any form of communication from them at all. I replied to their email with one of my … [Read more...]

Bomb or Rifle?

Good Day Last week I wrote about making a sale to get a customer or getting a customer to make a sale. This week let's take a step back and address how to get that customer. We know that to get the customer to take action, you need the right message using the correct media and going to the … [Read more...]

Transactional or Relationship?

Good Day Get a customer to make a sale or...make a sale to get a customer? The way you answer this question depends on how you run your company and promote it. First part "get a customer to make sale," is transactional marketing. That is, all you really care about is making the sale. These … [Read more...]

Great Way To Waste Money!

Good Day I'm at that age where I'm getting invited to dinners from retirement planners. Good dinners, too, at places like Texas Land & Cattle, Pappadeaux's, Jr's Steak & Grill and more. ¬†Wow FREE meals for me and my wife. In fact last week I got 2 invitations on the same day; one was … [Read more...]

Wrong Customers?

Good Morning¬† It should take only a few minutes to read this weekly email, so stop what you're doing, grab a pen and paper to make some notes on what action you will take by reading this email. My parents would sometimes say about a person that they don't have two pennies to rub together. The … [Read more...]

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