September 25, 2018

Archives for November 2011

A Special Message

You might be ready this on Thursday November 24 or a few days later. If you're reading it on the 24th, Then I wish you a happy and safe Thanksgiving. If you reading this after the fact, then I hope you had a great time. I also hope that you will or have taken time out to reflect on what you have … [Read more...]

Slow or Fast, Most People Do Slow Wrong

I was talking to my sales consultant about a marketing proposal for a would-be client, and he told me the same thing that I've heard before. They don't have a lot of money for marketing and they really are trying to build their business by doing referral marketing. The problem is that they are not … [Read more...]

Gkic meeting

I just finished making my presentation on the 7 things I learned from the 2011 Info Summit. If you were not here, which you were not you missed a lot of good information. A lot of other people also presented a good deal of information as well. I guess I got about $1,000 worth of information on how … [Read more...]

Is It Really a Great Deal

I'm back from the GKIC Information Marketing Summit in Atlanta. I learned the latest in marketing information-based products and services. I filled up over 17 pages with notes, plus a notebook full of information from a 5-hour special seminar on game changers presented by Dan Kennedy. You might … [Read more...]

Small business owner’s favorite mistake

One of a small business owner's favorite mistake is thinking the business is about what it sells rather than about the selling itself. - from Dan Kennedy no bs marketing newsletter. Are you as a owner making this mistake? Do you care more about selling the product or service than the marketing of … [Read more...]


Question: are you selling your customer what they want? … [Read more...]

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