September 25, 2018

Archives for June 2016

Bills Still Come In, So Promote!

Good Day Summer is here! This weekend we in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas will have temperatures that will hit 100 and above. Makes you thankful for AC. I have a new car that has great AC! The AC in my almost 16-year-old van with 250,000 plus miles died 2 weeks ago. That, the bad head … [Read more...]

Bomb or Rifle?

Good Day Last week I wrote about making a sale to get a customer or getting a customer to make a sale. This week let's take a step back and address how to get that customer. We know that to get the customer to take action, you need the right message using the correct media and going to the … [Read more...]

Transactional or Relationship?

Good Day Get a customer to make a sale or...make a sale to get a customer? The way you answer this question depends on how you run your company and promote it. First part "get a customer to make sale," is transactional marketing. That is, all you really care about is making the sale. These … [Read more...]

Facebook Cuts Your Reach

Good Day Last week I wrote about how you have to have more than one way to promote your business. I even gave examples of what happened when a method went away. To everyone who mainly use Facebook to promote your business, Guess What? Facebook changed their algorithms again! SocialFlow … [Read more...]

How you Get Customers

Good Day Do you want 100 customers from one method of promoting your business or do you want 1 customer each from 100 different methods? Think about the answer a moment while I tell you a story. Years ago, one of the best methods to get new business was to call people from around 5 pm till … [Read more...]

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