July 19, 2018

Archives for March 2017

What Happens When???

Good Day Very early Wednesday morning, the tornado sirens went off and woke me up (we have one about 2 blocks from our house). I checked the weather reports and local radar and stayed up until the warning expired (about 25 minutes later). Then I tried to go back to sleep, but the rain and … [Read more...]

Your Business is Boring

Good Day Have you ever been to a restaurant that had good food, good service, but nothing really outstanding? Maybe one so unremarkable you don't really remember the name of the place? If not a restaurant, possibly a place you've done business with, if you can even recall it? They were boring. … [Read more...]

Lead Magnets – Not For Your Refrigerator

Good Day Contact First Name Last week I was going to write about lead magnets but got side- tracked. So let's talk about using lead magnets to build your email list before I get side-tracked again. A lead magnet is an item that attracts people to you, not unlike how a great refrigerator magnet … [Read more...]

Direct Mail Is A Waste!

Good Day I was going to write about how you can build your email list by using lead magnets, but when I picked up my mail, I got a letter from a warehouse club owned by a big box retailer. This letter was addressed to my old frozen margarita rental business, which was closed down 4 or 5 years … [Read more...]

Tips to boost your response rates

Good Day Here are two quick tips to boost your response rates. 1. When planning to do mailings, make sure your initial and follow-up mailings are no more than 14 days apart, 7 is better. Otherwise, people will completely forget what they received before. If you're worried about people who have … [Read more...]

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