February 7, 2023


Good Day I hope everyone had a good 4th of July. Sometimes marketing and ad campaigns don't work and you get zero response. Some might think that's a failure, but in fact it is not. Good news: All marketing is testing; you are always trying to do better than your last ad. When you get no … [Read more...]

Tweak It

Good Day I'm having problems with one of the toilets in my home. I think there is stoppage in the pipe. I tried the plunger and it seemed to work a bit better. This morning it was not, so I tried the plunger a different way and it seems at this time to be flowing again. We'll see; I might have to … [Read more...]

Need An Idea – Swipe File

Good Day Need a new way to promote your business? A headline or starting line for a sales letter or flyer? Idea for a Facebook or LinkedIn post? Where do you go to get inspiration? Friends, neighbors, family? Maybe, but you would be better off going to your swipe or idea file.  A swipe file … [Read more...]

Losing Prospects!

Good Day Contact First Name I have nothing against looking for a good deal or even price shopping; hey, I even clip coupons for my weekly grocery shopping! But one of the things I have learned over the years, and usually the hard way, is not to go cheap! You end up paying for it over and over … [Read more...]

‘Avoid An Audit’ Will Make You Money

Good Day It's almost tax day. This year the day is April 18, the day we all dread. And you know what happens if you don't file: you have to deal with the IRS and maybe risk an audit. Why am I bringing all this up? Other than to remind you of your legal obligation, I bring this up because it's … [Read more...]

When Your Marketing Stops Working

Good Morning Last week was not a good week. This week started out better, until Tuesday when my main computer died. The only thing that was not backed up in the last few days was Outlook and my emails. I was going to do it while I went to the post office. On to marketing your business. What … [Read more...]